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If you were to take just one photo of an object in your house that tells a unique story about you, what would it be?

Get creative! Teachers, why not ask your students to bring in one photo of something that tells a story about their unique lives? What a curious collection that would be to share and discuss in class.

Get drawing! Liz Anelli’s gorgeous illustrations are mono prints with collage. You can find more information about her techniques at Liz’s website and in her Teacher Notes, which include simple instructions for students to do their own mono prints.

Class writing tasks and discussion topics:

  1. Do your things tell a story about you? Think about an object which tells a story about you. Describe that object using as much detail as possible, then write the story attached to that object. For an extra challenge, don’t name the object and see if your classmates can guess what it is.
  2. What is your earliest memory? Are memories important to you? If so, why? How do you think memories make you who you are?
  3. Can you imagine what it would be like to lose your memories? Write a story about a day in the life of a boy or girl who loses all their memories.
  4. Do you know what dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease is? Do you know someone, maybe an aunty or grandparent, who has dementia or Alzheimer’s? What’s different about them?
  5. Have you ever seen a camera that takes photos using film? Do some research online and find out how these cameras work. Ask your teacher (or family) if they have an old film camera or some negatives buried deep in a cupboard at home. If they do, and you ask them nicely enough, they might even bring them to class for their own show and share.

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Find more information on Alzheimer’s Disease:

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Liz Anelli and Ross Watkins, 2016. Photo by Moz.