Ross Watkins, author and illustrator

Ross Watkins is an Australian author and illustrator for children and adults. Here you’ll find information about him and his books, including teacher and book club resources.

The Apology by Ross Watkins

The Apology is a gripping psychological drama about family, betrayal and the limits of forgiveness. Adrian Pomeroy teaches English at a boys’ school in Western Sydney. When he finds himself at the centre of an allegation that might end his career, his life starts to unravel in spectacular fashion. With a police investigation underway, Adrian turns to his detective brother for help, but Noel is battling crippling demons of his own. As the repercussions of this one accusation lead to the implosion of Adrian’s family, he can no longer ignore the secrets buried in his past.


Dad’s Camera (USA and Canada) and One Photo (Australia, New Zealand and China) is a picture book about love, loss and legacy – with a heart-warming ending. Told from the perspective of a boy whose father is suddenly acting strangely, the story explores the impact early onset Alzheimer’s can have on family, as well as creating a legacy through photography.

cover_treeboy_medWritten by Gary Crew and illustrated by Ross Watkins, The Boy Who Grew into a Tree is a heartbreaking fable about nature and our relationship with it, and about the inevitable cycle of life. This is a tale of storms and bushfires and wild bees. A tale of an old couple and a gift from the bush. A gift they must one day return…