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The Apology, written by Ross Watkins (UQP, 2018).

“Watkins’s dissection of dark family dynamics is remorseless as it ratchets up the tension. It’s an impressive first novel…” QI Magazine

“Set in Western Sydney, The Apology by Ross Watkins is unsettling, unexpected and a rare mix of intricately crafted prose and clever plotting, with a prologue that begs you to keep reading.” Books+Publishing

The Apology is Ross Watkins’s first adult novel and his compelling style, bold themes and lightness of touch will keep readers enthralled.

‘My central focus in writing this novel was to portray the veneer, dysfunction and resilience of contemporary Australian family life, especially when it comes to the abuse of male authority and assumptions of control,’ says Watkins.

‘We live in a complex world where things are rarely clear-cut and in The Apology I wanted to explore the in-between, the shades of grey and to turn assumptions upside down.’

“This is a novel that builds tension, page by page, so relentlessly that it leaves you with one option: you must keep reading. The Apology is like a pressure cooker about to blow. I was gripped by it.” Malcolm Knox, author of The Wonder Lover

With the same explosive examination of family dynamics as Tsiolkas’ The Slap and Koch’s The Dinner, The Apology is a shocking portrait of the lies we tell ourselves and each other in order to survive. Buy it here